Rare Breed Pigs, Nose To Toes

Black pig sleeping on straw

Posting a picture always involves looking at it anew, so now I’m confident that though this black pig seems to be asleep, she’s more alert than she appears. She’s got that Sunday feeling: she’s feigning sleep so as not to be bothered.

I have a lot of admiration for the ear that gives her away. It’s got a sci-fi character, it’s streamlined, and it looks perfectly designed for its primary function.

It is hard to place her expression. The eye does not match the smile (if smile is the right word). Assigned a sneer by nature, she has to thank her lucky stars she is not a princess transformed by a spell (we can be sure of that because a princess could not tolerate straw in her ear). And she’s a patient type as she does tolerate a trotter on her nose.

I’d say she’s kind of cute. What do you think?

Shared as part of Becky’s Squares. For those who are struggling with the new block editor, Becky has added a link to some tips in today’s post. Those of us who prefer the classic editor can still find it, though we have to take care to select the non-default option any time we add or edit a post.

44 Replies to “Rare Breed Pigs, Nose To Toes”

  1. I love that photo and your musings about it. I think she’s just plain … exhausted. Maybe she’s been struggling with Block Editor. I’ve decided to give it a a go this afternoon, but I’m being dragged kicking and screaming against my will to do so.

  2. Love the pig! I hated having to click β€œClassic Editor” all the time, and when I ended my blog I felt sorry to finish, but glad not to have to deal with Block. But good luck to all those still struggling with it.

    1. That really is a pity. I’m holding off using it for now, but I agree, they do work hard to persuade us that resistance os futile.

  3. To me she looks like a bat mid-morph. A permanent sneer/a sci-fi ear: you can see she still gives rise to poetry even if she is not Helen of Troy. I don’t know about “cute,” but I think she has a great Sunday feign. As for block editor, I can but cringe. I hope to avoid it forever. Thanks for the great diversion!

    1. The question is, from bat to pig, or from pig to bat? I imagine the former and that’s why she looks tired. It must have been quite a shock.

  4. The ears look like an undersea critter to me. I hate block editor too and will continue avoiding it as long as I can.

    1. I only tried it briefly, very early on. When the Reader plays nicely with it and things settle down, I’ll give it another try. I do like some of the effects people are getting, but many of my regular followers use the Reader, and the effects don’t translate well there at all.

    1. They’re bright too – too bright to interact with a visitor when they could be sleeping. Now if I’d had a sweet carrot to offer, it might have been different.

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