Rosa ‘Summer Song’ in a Flower Arrangement

Rosa Summer Song in a flower arrangement
Rosa ‘Summer Song’, allium and lisianthus

Some English Roses are unique in colour and this is one of them. An unusual colour brings challenges describing it. Rosa ‘Summer Song’ used to be ‘a sophisticated shade of orange’, or ‘burnt orange’, but in checking, I note its breeder is now plumping for ‘orange red’.

Rosa ‘Summer Song’ is not a cut flower, but I can see why florists would be drawn to it. Here it is but half open – enough to show the promise inside, but closed enough to last for a few days (with fingers crossed).

After I got over the excitement of seeing the roses, the most alluring flower for me is the lisianthus (you may know it as Eustoma). In the first picture, it’s the outpouring of silvery cream petals with a hint of purple.

Pink and cream lisianthus (Eustoma)

When the lisianthius is given centre stage, strawberries and cream might be more appropriate, although that idea clashes with those Brussels sprouts.

Regular reader have seen the Brussels sprouts arrangement before, but couldn’t resist sharing these when I found them languishing away so colourfully in my photo files.

Here’s wishing you a happy weekend!

14 Replies to “Rosa ‘Summer Song’ in a Flower Arrangement”

  1. How to describe a color like this — there is challenge indeed. The whole of this is just magnificent, from the “silvery cream” to the mystery orange and all around. A wonderful beginning to the weekend — a happy one to you too!

        1. Then it would be hard to see them squandered on an arrangement – a bit like me seeing chocolate gingers on one. Or jacket potatoes with cheese.

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