Bees Foraging Flowers

Bee sipping honeysuckle
Sipping honeysuckle

Bee on echinacea
Bees on scabious flower
Bee on a toad lily (Tricyrtis)
Tricyrtis (toad lily)
Helenium and bees

Shared for Becky’s Square Perspectives. I was thinking these are bee’s eye views, but of course they are not: they’re my perspective of their perspective. I’m adding a landscape picture too:

Bees pollinating heleniums

Our library re-opened yesterday, on limited hours. To celebrate, I have requested six books from my To Read list. We have to pick them up in a timed slot, I think, and perhaps leave them for a few days before reading if we’re being cautious. As they are mainly about the natural world, I’ll list them:

Thor Hanson Buzz: The Nature and Necessity of Bees
Peter Wohlleben The Hidden Life of Trees
Richard Powers The Overstory
John Lewis-Stempel The Secret Life of the Owl

I’d have preferred Jean Vernon’s new book about bees as I’ve met her several times at shows and events and she’s lovely, but that wasn’t available so, for now, I’ve requested Thor Hanson’s book, which I’m sure will be well worth reading.

I believe we have to use libraries if we want to keep the service open, and as my home town is heading uncomfortably in the direction of Leicester on the list of places affected by Covid-19, a nicely stocked book pile will offer comfort if we slide back into lockdown. I hope wherever you are, you’re doing rather better than we are!

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  1. Thank you for these beautiful images and for the prod to get back to the library! Our library just re-opened, with limitations, yes, but still open, and I do need to get there and let them know how much I’ve missed them. I am so sorry to know that your corner of the world is feeling more threatened again by COVID. Here in Indiana things aren’t great.

    I don’t know how you managed to get the bees to pose for you the way they did. Every one of these photos seems so nicely balanced that I suspect you are fluent in bee-speak. Most impressive. And of course I love that white pincushion!

    1. Our council seems to be taking action and trying to get the message out, so I’m hopeful their intervention will make a difference.

      Bees have a reputation for busyness, but I’ve seen some just hanging out on a flower or sleeping in one. I always wonder if they will wake up and fly off or whether sleeping isn’t a good sign. With luck, my book will educate me.

  2. All the pictures are beautiful, but the top one is exquisite. Wowsah! Good advice about using the public library. As for how things are going…The state that I live in—Maine—is doing pretty well, but the U.S. is a complete and total mess thanks to the horrendous leadership at the top. Holy cats!

  3. With such a rich reading list, I hope they don’t have short dates due! Or you’re a very fast reader. Our library is open; my card has expired and in order to renew it I have to go in person with my ID. In the meantime I can’t use the website to reserve books. Kind of a Catch-22. I may call them and beg indulgence. However, my home to-read pile is quite tall!

    1. I’m sure they will help if they possibly can if you call. Weird times call for different measures. I don’t think any of them are really weighty, although I stand to be corrected!

  4. What fantastic bee shots. You must have been super-quiet to get these shots. Congratulations.

    1. I’ve found bees are not usually interested in humans (except for one that stung me on the head once when I foolishly ventured too near to a hive).

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