Two Crops Of Alliums (Not That Kind Of Crop)

While I didn’t get the effect I was hoping for, fate has granted this picture a floral, textural, whirly, fantasy feel that has something going for it. I don’t know if the perspective makes it dreamy or nightmarish, but I do like the way the colours work together and the sweeping of the grasses.

A landscape crop excluding the dark flowers below would be a more conventional approach and it’s easier to pick out the blur of the approaching bee. Alliums are irresistible to bees, even when they are little more than buds, as here.

The landscape crop directs the eye better. It’s less messy, but for me, less engaging, while the square crop draws me in, having a Through the Looking-Glass effect.

As July is perspectives month, courtesy of Becky, (who is sharing a wonderful trompe l’oeil today – or trample oil as the spellcheck would have it), I’m posting both crops. What’s your perspective?

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  1. Alas for the photographer, I like both. I’m no help. I do love the veiled effect of the grasses, and that shows well in both. Lovely contrast to the precision of the alliums. (Oh, dear, I’ve read through your post a couple times, and got this far in my comment, and only just now got your pun on “crop.” I blush.) As for spellcheck, thank you for the laugh! And thanks also for the link to Becky’s trample oil. Very impressive.

  2. What a lovely shot! I’m inclined to favour the landscape format (sorry Becky). I love these little blackcurrant coloured alliums and the swirly grasses.

    1. I have been wondering whether they are the crested type. It’s hard to tell at this stage unless you are an allium expert which I am not.

      1. They look like the drumstick type – Allium Sphaerocephalon which turn from green to maroon (or blackcurrant as I call it). I have some in my garden which are just about to start flowering.

  3. I like both but I think the landscape crop just has the edge. I love the swirly fantasy grasses, I think they are very dreamy and pretty, not nightmarish at all 🙂

    1. I thought it was good for the challenge because it is a strange perspective. My pictures can be a bit hit and miss, especially when I’m overexcited to see flowers, and I certainly wasn’t aiming for this.

    1. The top one is more of a feature of the iPhone than anything – it doesn’t blur easily. I suppose the grasses were moving.

  4. Like everyone else I’m taken in with the swirly grass. It provides and interesting frame for the main subject. I much prefer the landscape crop as all the lightness in the lower left corner of the square crop distracts my eye.

          1. Unusually no I have not even started to think about October, usually at this stage into the challenge I have begun to get my head around ideas for the next one! Going to mull over out discussions and conversations more 🙂

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