Church Of Our Lady Before Týn, Prague

Side view of a gothic tower on the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, Prague

Most pictures you’ll find online of the Church Of Our Lady Before Týn in Old Town Square, Prague, show its impressive facade straight on, often as if the camera was disembodied, floating above the square.  This is a more intimate, human perspective looking up at one of the towers from the ground behind. Bare winter branches accentuate the Gothic style of the tower.

If you hear someone mentioning Prague’s Disney Towers, they’re probably referring to Church Of Our Lady Before Týn, even though the church predates Disney by centuries: construction of the present building started in the 14th century.

Shared for Becky’s JulySquares: Perspectives.

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  1. Yes! And truthfully, I don’t think it would look as good if it were a rectangle. The square gives the impression that we are being overlooked by the church.

  2. What a great perspective – and a great reminder too that we should always look for a different perspective as sometimes it might be better than the obvious 🙂

  3. I’d never heard of this church and was intrigued by its name. I tried to find out online what “Before Tyn” meant, but I couldn’t. Is Tyn a town? A part of Prague? The images of this church online are breathtaking, but I am glad to have seen your image first; it shaped my impression of the others. I do love the brambly branches with the Gothic. I feel tucked into its corner instead of dwarfed. Very nice.

    1. I found this comment in an online forum: ‘Týn was a fenced in and moated trader’s yard where traders had to pay a toll’.

      I would be very happy to have taken one of the classic shots, but I’m fond of mine too. As you suggest, it seems more inviting.

      1. Wow You are a real sleuth! Thank you! I wonder if there is a story about an apparition at such a moated yard. And they tried to make Mary pay the toll??? Ah, the nuggets of a narrative.

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