Friday Flowers: Sitting Pretty

Roses in a floral design, Southport Flower Show 2019

Roses, clematis, nigella, veronica and hypericum berries in shades of pink, blue and purple look wonderful combined with creamy lisianthus buds, natural wood and lichens. Lest anyone should think I have the talent to have done this, I’ll make it clear that it’s a detail from a floral design by Eleanor Griffiths that I admired at last year’s Southport Flower Show.

Sitting Pretty Floral Art by Eleanor Griffiths

It was one of several chair installations as the name ‘Sitting Pretty’ implies. Sadly I don’t have a picture of the whole design to show you, just a slightly wider shot showing more of the textures of the wood and the weave. My justification is that being let loose in a Floral Art Marquee always gets me a little over excited.

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  1. “Sitting Pretty”! What a clever motif. And what a lovely palette! This may be the first chair ever that I’d rather look at than sit on.

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