Floral Pastiche of The Swing By Fragonard

Floral recreation of The Swing by Fragonard

A comment from blogging buddy, Derrick, reminded me to share this installation, created by Flowers from the Farm, a not-for-profit network of sole traders, micro businesses and smallholders who grow British cut flowers and sell them at farm gates, markets, craft fairs and online.

Prompted by the theme of movement at the Chatsworth Flower Show in 2018, it was a quirky, floral recreation of Fragonard’s 1767 oil painting, The Swing. While the moss lady was less dainty Fragonard’s – more earthy, shall we say? – her toe was just as free spirited.

Flowers From The Farm show what grows. The flowers and foliage were far flung from the standard imported fare and the style, as often when British flowers are used, was romantic, loose and whimsical. Candelabra primulas, sweet peas, love-in-a-mist, geums, lupins, alchemilla mollis and plants considered as wildflowers, such as bladder campion (Silene vulgaris), consorted with acer leaves and trailing vines.

For more, check out my earlier post about Flowers From The Farm, or take a look at artist Yinka Shonibare’s interpretation of the painting.

14 Replies to “Floral Pastiche of The Swing By Fragonard”

  1. That is really cool. Fun, beautiful and good for the flower farm business.

  2. I think I lean a bit towards Laurie’s reaction; this fair damsel reminds me just a bit of the undead from ancient horror movies. But then your groan-worthy comment about her earthiness, plus that dainty toe, ameliorates all that. It’s a splendid diversion — thank you!

  3. A fun picture, if, as others have said, slightly creepy. We’re lucky enough to have Flowers from the Farm place here in Ripon. Such a treat to have fresh garden flowers, with no air miles as our weekly indulgence.

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