Bodnant Gardens In Laburnum Season

A mackerel sky at Bodnant Gardens
The lower terrace under a mackerel sky

I’m sharing pictures from our trip to Bodnant Gardens in the Conwy Valley, Wales about this time last year. Closed at the moment, it’s a natural addition to my Pictures for Dreaming series.

Purple alliums and white camassia
Allium and Camassia
Crimson rose with many buds
An old rose, still going strong

The earliest roses start to bloom in May. A few weeks further on in the season, this becomes one of the loveliest rose gardens in Britain.

Regular readers will know of my love of stone… and embellishment.

Yellow Laburnum flowers arch over a curved walkway
Laburnum walk in full bloom

The Laburnum arch is a must-see during the short time it’s in flower. Although the garden never feels crowded, it takes a good deal of patience to get a view of the walk without people.

White wisteria at Bodnant Garden
White wisteria somehow adds a Gothic touch

Wisteria, strangely, is less of a draw.

Bodnant house sits above the terraces
The Georgian house was extended and refaced in Old English style

Bodnant house is not open to visitors, but it casts a presence over the garden.

Red, orange and yellow azaleas
A blaze of Azaleas

But it’s the collection of plants that draws me back and their placement. Wildflowers that might almost seem weeds in their native areas are given the respect their beauty should command.

Bluestar in a formal garden
Bluestar in a formal setting
Amsonia (Bluestar)
Amsonia (Bluestar)
Meadow walk with deckchairs and bunting
Meadow walk

That’s it for today’s virtual stroll. As I’m feeling a bit moony putting these together, I’ll end with my sweetheart:

Felder at Bodnant Garden


39 Replies to “Bodnant Gardens In Laburnum Season”

  1. So incredibly beautiful! I was in Conwy May 30th of 2016 and I can’t believe I missed these gardens. The wisteria on the stone walls is spectacular. Thank you for giving me something to dream about…

  2. A lovely portrait of a lovely garden. I have only been once and it was too late for the laburnum walk, but perfect for the rose garden 🙂

  3. What a marvellous place to visit. The Laburnum Walk is stunning and your opening shot beautiful. But of them all, your close-up photograph of the old rose is the one I love the best. There is so much depth, texture and richness of colour in that photograph – it’s an incredibly beautiful shot.

  4. Laburnum was a very brief fad after being displayed as this at the Seattle Flower and Garden Show in about 1995 or 6. We brought some in (that we did not grow ourselves), and were then stuck with many when the fad abruptly ran out. Laburnum do not do so well here. Really, people should not copy (totally) anyway.

    1. Someone planted a laburnum in our school playground that has outlasted the school. I always thought it was a funny choice as they are poisonous.

      1. It seems like an odd choice for back then, when horticulturists knew what they were doing. Nowadays, such mistakes are common.

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