Super Cheery Crab Apple Blossom

Ornamental crab apple tree

I’ve been waiting for an ornamental crab apple tree (Malus) to flower ever since I spotted its deep pink buds. Now I am happy to share these with you.

Pink crab apple blossom against a blue sky

You might think I have boosted the colour right up, but they are just as my iPhone interpreted the scene. They have been cropped and resized.

Pink Malus (crab apple) in full bloom

Just a few minutes earlier I had been admiring bluebells in the woods when a lady stopped to ask if everything was extra beautiful this year or if we were noticing more. It’s something I’m hearing (and reading) a lot.

Malus blossom

I told her what I believed, but life being as it is, we can’t know for sure. If our eyes have been opened to beauty, let’s hope they stay open long after some semblance of normality returns.

Crab apple flowers in an urban garden

HeyJude is asking us to share pictures of shadows. At first look, this series seems to be all about light, but shadows are adding atmosphere, particularly in the last shot.

50 Replies to “Super Cheery Crab Apple Blossom”

  1. We’re not that far along in our spring yet, which is good because Friday night/Saturday morning it’s going to get down into the 20s.

    1. Gosh, that’s colder than us. I’m glad your plants are wary enough to wait! We have just been scraping along a degree or so above freezing, which is good, because my rambling rose is covered in buds which would probably be damaged.

  2. Beautiful blossoms! I’m certain we are appreciating beauty more than before and certainly have more time to enjoy it. To a greater extent, it seems much more valuable and we’re not taking it for granted.

    1. I think you’re right. I remember a few weeks ago stopping in my tracks to see one of the first single, common daisies I saw growing wild in a lawn, transported by its prettiness. I am sure I’d have been less open to that in other years.

  3. Is that ‘Prairie Fire’? The bronzed foliage looks about right. The bronze foliage is supposed to be of ornamental quality, but it does not last after foliage develops. I actually think the green foliage is prettier than if it were actually bronze.

    1. It wasn’t labelled and I wouldn’t like to guess. I liked the mix of the green and the bronze and the bright pink, especially against the sky.

  4. That’s an absolute beauty!

    I think more people are going for walks, who might not have walked before lockdown. I’m seeing that even with my own family. They jump in the car to go to work, take children to clubs etc. Now they go out together on foot and see things they haven’t seen in the past. One daughter and her family saw a seal swimming in the water just a few days ago when they cycled to their local bay. The children are still talking about it.

    Yes, I think eyes are being opened to beauty. Good experiences can last a lifetime – if you want them to.

    1. It is a great thing to be encouraged to bond a little more with our immediate vicinity. They are walking more where I live, but at the same time, I feel very sure that many people are not exercising at all. I’m with you in thinking that many of those who have been walking will be changed by the experience for the better.

  5. The photos are beautifully taken. The colours are so vibrant, really capture my eye. Thank you for sharing with us.

  6. What lovely apple blossom. Footpath use has been very high in my area during lockdown and while the minority who do selfish, even illegal things (quad bikes in a meadow etc) are liable to grab attention, I have also noticed many new faces taking in the beauty of the landscape. I hope that results in a gentler, more respectful attitude towards our natural places and the wild things that live there.

    1. I hope so too. It does seems super shocking to see people doing things they ought not to be doing – and on so many different levels.

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