Sunshine’s Macro Monday: Geranium Phaeum

Geranium phaeum with paler flower
A paler form of Geranium phaeum, backlit

Geranium phaeum commonly has dark blooms as its folk name, dusky cranesbill, implies and the dark splashed foliage that can be glimpsed in the foreground. Jazzier varieties include Geranium phaeum ‘Alec’s Pink’, Geranium phaeum ‘Kora’ and Geranium phaeum ‘Lavender Pinwheel’ – this looks like a mix of all three. I photographed it under the close direction of John Bent in his private garden, Weeping Ash, a few years ago.

I’d have linked to Bents’ Garden Centre’s website, but they aren’t listing any. Instead I turned to Claire Austin, daughter of the late David Austin, and an expert on peonies, irises and perennials. You’ll find more about phaeums on her website.

I’m sharing this for Sunshine’s Macro Monday. I picked the most sunshiney one I could find, Irene, to contrast your Darth Vader!

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  1. Oh, gorgeous! I love Geranium phaeum and had no idea there are paler ones like this. Thanks for sharing!

    1. There seem to be a lot of geranium hybridisers around. It may be that the geraniums cross themselves and gardeners are picking out any unusual ones they see.

      1. Mine have hybridized. I had a very dark one with dark brown leaves and a paler leafed one. They crossed and now have mottled leaves!

  2. I’m a big fan of the blue and purple hardy Geranium. I think my particular favorite is ‘Johnson’s Blue’, though I’m being swayed by ‘Brookside’. I’d also like to give ‘Samobar’ a try.

    1. I like all three you mention. One of my favourites is Geranium magnificum. That one seems to escape from cottage gardens, but never goes far, just sits outside the stone wall, waiting to be recaptured like a dog that likes to be free but can find no good reason to stray.

  3. love your pic of the paler form of G. phaeum. We find our G. phaeum ‘Mourning Widow’ is quite a romper but it is lovely when the light catches it or it shimmers in the breeze.

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