March Giveaway: Two Free E-books from Hinterlands Press

I rarely reblog – this is only my second time in seven hundred posts. Regular readers may have noticed Laurie Graves’s insightful and unfailingly supportive remarks in my blog’s comments section. Laurie, a talented writer, is offering us the chance to download the first two ebooks in her Great Library Series of YA fantasy novels free of charge on Amazon until March 14th 2020.

Her well-reviewed stories feature a sentient book, intrigue and time travel and are liberally scattered with Shakespearean references.

Laurie is hoping her offer will help lift our spirits. Please take advantage of it if you are at all tempted and feel free to pass on the link to grown ups and imaginative youngsters who enjoy a good read.

The third book in the Great Library Series will be available from Hinterlands Press later this year.

Let’s face it: What with the coronavirus and politics, it has been a rough month. To help you stay home and out of harm’s way, for the next five days—starting on March 10 and ending March 14—we are offering two of our e-books free of charge from Amazon. The books are my YA fantasy novels, […]

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