January Squares: Light Pink Roses

Cluster of pale pink, single rambler rose

Becky at The Life Of B is hosting a new challenge throughout January with the topic of light, or any word ending in light. The main picture has to be square. I don’t find it easy to crop square, unless the picture was originally taken that way (relatively few are), but it’s good to be challenged.

So why this picture? Well, the roses are the lightest shade of pink; the flowers seem like tiny satellite* dishes, catching and reflecting sunlight, and I’m claiming they make a delightful sight.

Also because I’ve only just found out the topic and always have a few spare roses up my sleeve (not literally – that would mean scratches).

I hope 2020 has got off to a great start for you and your loved ones.

* I could have claimed ‘lite’ and Becky is too sweet natured to object, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Not on the first day of the decade. 

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    1. Their scent is limited only by our imaginations, being in picture form… let’s pretend they smell strongly of something fruity, like orange.

    1. Good question! A blogging buddy, Becky, hosts a quarterly challenge to share pictures on a topic – the current topic being words ending in light. To join in, your main picture has to be cropped square.

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