Hardy Double Geranium pratense ‘Summer Skies’

Geranium pratense 'Summer Skies': hardy geranium with double flowers

Geranium ‘Summer Skies’ is a clump forming perennial that is hardy in the UK. The flowers are pastel coloured doubles with yellow centres . Tiny central petals form a distinctive, open bowl shape. You’ll see the base colour described as sky blue (sky-blue pink is, for once, more accurate); the colour tends to deepen as the flowers age. Dissected foliage and branching stems complete the picture.

The overall effect is ethereal – if fairies were cavorting in and around geraniums, these would be the ones they’d choose.

I love the hardy double geraniums, but have found the ones I’ve grown to be less resilient than their single cousins, with more of a tendency to be swamped by something. I’ve never grown this one, but it might be wise to keep it away from anything particularly invasive.

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  1. What a delightful image to start my day! For a brief moment, I thought it was summer! “Sky-blue pink” was one of the favorite expressions of my Grandma Mauck and ever puzzled me. Many years later I was astounded to see it on a plant label, I think at the Huntington. Now here! What wonder! And what a lovely effect of the whole — “ethereal” says it.

    1. Mama used to say ‘sky blue pink with yellow dots on’ most times she was asked to state a colour preference and, come to think of it, these flowers do have yellow dots on, even if only one each. Now that’s a very strange thought.

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