21 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday: Floral Design”

    1. Let’s hope nobody decides to put that to the test.

      I like seeing succulents used in floristry. I like their contrast in texture with the fresh and dried seed heads and the way they add harmony and subtleness to the colour palette.

  1. So many contrasts — and a jubilant dianthus bud right in the middle of things? I love the slightly worn look of the outer rose petals — they look kind of like ancient parchment. A most interesting spectacle over all!

    1. “I’m only a young bud, but I’m going to make an impression”? Trust you to notice that!

      To continue the parchment comparison, it looks like someone has drawn in red pencil on the edge.

      1. Yes, that red begins to hint that the parchment is something of an illustrated manuscript. As for the bud, it absolutely was out to make an impression! Bold little thing!

    1. I’m sorry, Julie, I don’t remember sampling it so not enough to draw me in! I tend to assume cut roses are not fragrant, although of course some are.

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