October Lines: Edinburgh Fringe Bar

Edinburgh bar with an arched ceiling at night

This bar, photographed at night during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, has style. I like the arched ceiling, the mix of patterns, the glow of lights in the darkness, the greenery that brings the outside in, and the observing mannequin. Other details emerge if you have time to explore.

At first, the white screen seemed to dominate and distract, but after living with the picture for a while, I’ve come to accept it would be less interesting were the screen not there. It disrupts and balances.

Today’s submission for Becky’s Lines&Squares has an assortment of lines – curved, straight, diagonal, droopy, converging – there’s even a line of pianos.

14 thoughts on “October Lines: Edinburgh Fringe Bar

  1. Oddment says:

    There’s something about that big white screen which weirdly goes with the black and white bar and with what seems to be pillows in the far corner. Maybe it’s their similar starkness in the midst of more subtle colors and contours. Maybe they should uncover the piano keys and bring in those black and white lines. Maybe I should stop looking…

    • susurrus says:

      That’s what I see. There seems to be a split between white light and rosy light, each claiming approximately half the territory, but not in a rigid way, so the eye is encouraged to move around.

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