23 Replies to “Garden Art: Flowerpot Men”

    1. I imagine there are rods down their centres, taking advantage of drainage holes. I’ve seen pictures of them in different parts of the garden, so they must be sturdy enough to be moved around.

  1. What a great fun way to use up some empty terracotta pots. I had to smile too, although I was a mere child when I used to watch the old TV serial “Bill & Ben the Flowerpot Men” .

    1. They were an early children’s TV programme. I’m sure plastic pots would be fine, but they might need central holes punching in to do it. I am guessing that they are joined with rebar or stakes through the drainage holes.

  2. I’d love to make one that scared off rabbits, but I fear it would just make the rabbits smile too. What a brilliant garden idea!

    1. We saw a very realistic wooden fox in a garden a few days ago. It gave me quite a start to see it, so perhaps it would work on your rabbits.

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