Blue Iris With A Fake Beard

Blue irises

A type of flower that may have beards, falls, flounces, horns, laminata, standards, signals and ruffles has to be accorded respect. Having said that, some of you might observe this ‘ordinary’ blue iris is lacking some of the twiddly bits its fancier bearded cousins can proudly display.

You might agree with me that the sunlight dancing on its upper petals and its clear, veined beelines left little to be desired: that the simple iris need not aspire to anything more. But who are we to rein in aspiration if an iris chooses to conceal its beardlessness under a fake beard supplied by a furry visitor?

Blue iris with bee

Perhaps we ought to pretend we haven’t noticed.

Hope you’ll all have a great weekend, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

36 Replies to “Blue Iris With A Fake Beard”

    1. 🙂

      The plant I’m noticing the most bees on at the moment is a similarly coloured geranium. Every one I see is alive with bees.

  1. Irises are not my favourite, despite their colour, but then I saw a bunch in front a a bush of beautiful white flowers and I changed my mind. They were so lovely.

    1. It’s good to be able to change our minds, especially if it adds in another thing we can enjoy. I had a similar experience with red hot pokers. I didn’t like them until I saw a garden full of them in the evening sun.

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