55 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday: Garden Path”

    1. After going to the trouble of encouraging wildflowers it is a bold move to mow through them, but it makes all the difference, adding a human element to the mix.

      1. You are so right – nothing in a garden can beat that effect. I guess you know the wiggly mown paths outside the walled garden at Helmingham in Suffolk? I still have it in my mind’s eye. Such an inspiraton.

    1. The BBC must have plentiful material to put together a gardening programme which is all lovely views, gleaned from all the great gardens. That would make hypnotic on-demand viewing.

      1. Wow! I loved it.
        There is so much to capture in human camera, may be that’s why the creator gave us the machine of mind, whose storage depends on our choices & preference. 😛

    1. I suppose that depends whether you are walking it in real life (down to the stream or up to the winter garden) or in your imagination, when it could be anywhere!

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