More English Roses, Anyone?

Pale pink rose with many petals
Rosa ‘The Generous Gardener’ is a fragrant climbing rose
Roses with rounded blooms packed with many petals
‘Wollerton Old Hall’ roses tumble in a scented garden

Pink, yellow and apricot roses
Shrub and climbing roses surround ‘The Pilgrim’ on an obelisk
Pink roses with poppies and geraniums
‘Harlow Carr’ roses with geraniums and poppies in mum’s garden
A folly behind a garden of roses and perennials
Roses and perennials on the lower terrace at Bodnant Garden
Pink roses
Rosa ‘Princess Alexandra of Kent’ has huge flowers on sturdy stems
A creamy white rose with several buds
Rosa ‘Tranquility’, a creamy-white rose with pretty sepals

These are English roses (except in the picture from Bodnant Gardens, other shrub roses, including old roses are mixed in). Completely out of season in gardening terms, but I felt we could all do with something to lift our spirits.

Dedicated to all who suffer when extremists try to impose their warped world view on the rest of us. 

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54 Replies to “More English Roses, Anyone?”

  1. These definitely lifted my spirits! These photos are a gift of beauty and I also appreciated finding your dedication at the end. Many thanks, Liz 🙂

    1. I have never been to New Zealand, but have a great affection for it. It has been uplifting to watch New Zealand respond with so much love and solidarity – quite the opposite of what the attacker would have hoped for in his twisted way.

  2. Susan, thank you. I really needed this. Some days I just can’t take all the hate in this world. Much love to you!

    1. It’s possible that we do experience echoes of fragrance when we see pictures… not the exact fragrance, but a gesture towards it. That’s what makes us think of it.

    1. The picture of ‘Tranquility’ in particular seems to conjure up scent when I look at it, even though that one isn’t particularly fragrant.

  3. What a beautiful way to inspire and uplift. The images are stunning.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely series, Susan 🙂

    (I think the whole world is in shock and needs something else to view and think about other than senseless death and hate around us).

    1. I was looking to write a post that would convey what I feel, decided it was impossible and wrote this one instead, turning to the roses to uplift and comfort, as strangely they do, intending to keep it as a draft. It was only after I’d written it, I decided it might in a small way comfort others too.

  4. You are so right! These roses are precisely what is needed! I was transported and feeling so grateful for the lift, and then I hit “Tranquility” with those exquisite buds, and “uplifted” doesn’t begin to say what I felt. In the face of so much ugliness, it is almost impossible to think of beauty, and we desperately need to be reminded of it. Thank you! And thanks to your mother too! My mother would have loved your mother’s garden!

  5. 1000 times beautiful! I just love all English roses. Your photos are gorgeous! I have The Pilgrim and Summer Song in my garden as well. Summer Song is my most favorite one. The colours go from orange to victorian pinkish. So so beautiful! We can’t get enough of roses, can’t we?! Let the season begin 😀

      1. I agree so much! I have that one in my garden as well and it’s such a strong one. Also my favorite, and so many more, sigh……. !

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