March Spiky Squares: Bluebell Cottage Gardens

Blue thistle-like flowers in a garden

Echinops at Bluebell Cottage Gardens

It’s March and Becky from The Life Of B is hosting a new, month-long challenge. This month’s topic is spiky and the only real rule is that the main picture must be a square shape. Please join in if you’re feeling at all spiky!

24 thoughts on “March Spiky Squares: Bluebell Cottage Gardens

  1. Heyjude says:

    Love echinops! Planted three last year but they didn’t grow very much, have noticed them starting to grow again now so I am hoping that this year they will flower!

  2. Oddment says:

    Echinops! I’ve never heard of them! They’re real eye-catchers — what a blue! What’s the blue-lavender plant in the background that looks sort of like lavender but more like a fountain?

  3. BeckyB says:

    Beautiful photo, and I never knew their name was echinops . . . third thing I have learnt this morning thanks to all this spikiness 😀

    • susurrus says:

      We have a month of education ahead of us! Thanks for hosting. I wanted to get one out day 1, to help with awareness, but it was a challenge. It’s not as easy as we might expect to crop spiky things square. I’ve ruled out quite a few because I liked them better narrow or wide!

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