Red Veined Sorrel

Patch of leafy salad green with red veins

Red veined sorrel (botanical name Rumex sanguineus) is one the prettiest of the sorrels which makes it as useful in ornamental gardening as it is in the kitchen garden. The narrow leaves have a red rib and a network of red veins.

For more information and a sorrel soup recipe, visit Manor Farm Herbs.

14 Replies to “Red Veined Sorrel”

    1. It is bitter and the young leaves are supposed to be best for flavouring salads. It is a medicinal plant so be cautious about eating it until you’ve researched its properties – for example, it can trigger an allergic reaction in some people.

  1. Sorrel has flowers? Or are those interlopers from another plant? That full-faced sorrel at the base of the image is wonderfully graceful. A great portrait!

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