Three From Southport’s Floral Art Marquee

White flowersChrysanthemum unfurling its petalsClose up of a peach rose
These flowers are a small sneak peek of the wonders on show in the Floral Art Marquee at the Southport Flower Show, which is on now until Sunday 19th August, 2018. Watch this space for more snippets from the show.

Top: White lisianthus and orchid arrangement
Middle: Chrysanthemum unfurls
Bottom: Peach rose with flower fronds

16 Replies to “Three From Southport’s Floral Art Marquee”

    1. The floral marquee was my favourite part of the show this year, which I was not expecting. I found myself drawn in and lingering. It’s such a great time of the year for cut flowers.

  1. I wonder how many whites there are in Nature’s palette. Or, for that matter, how many whites in that first photo. So elegant! Of course I especially admire that tight little bud. But, oh, that peachy-pink! What a show that must be!

    1. It is one of my favourites.

      I once heard that there are more shades of black than any other colour. That may not be true, but it opened my eyes to something about colour I’d not thought about before. We rarely see absolutes of anything – black and white included.

  2. What fabulous photos. Thank you for posting them. I love flower shows but usually take pictures of the attendees who are sometimes as interesting as the flowers.

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