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    1. I have seen an increase in ‘fake’ followers too but if I notice them, I remove them as a follower. I can’t remember if any had numbers or not (I’m not sure there was) but there have been several whose blogs are just made up of the same posts, recycled over and over, which makes them easy to spot.

  1. Thank you. I’ve noticed this too in the last week or so. I put it on my list of things to ask WP about, but it’s quite a long way down (sigh), so I appreciate your advice.

  2. Thanks for explaining this mystery, Susan. I had noticed them and have just been deleting them, thinking that they are phishing to hook a visit. More troubling are what look like fake followers with outlook.com addresses. It skews my numbers regrettably.

    1. Did you know we can remove followers in the Stats – Insights tab – WordPress Followers section, by clicking on ‘View All’? It would be nice not to have to.

  3. No need for apologies. They need to apologize to us for inundating us with this nonsense.

    I have so many Spam likes. I even had a bunch of comments, but fortunately they were caught. It’s so frustrating. Thanks for the info.

  4. That’s really useful. I’ve had a couple of iffy likes and comments that puzzled me, but not so many that I had become concerned. I’ll keep an eye open now,, and make use of your excellent suggestions if it seems appropriate. Thanks!

  5. [ Smiles ] It is my humble opinion, that people should only press the “Like” button if they have read a person’s blog post and they enjoyed it.

    I want likes from real people and not from bots.

  6. Thanks. I recently turned ‘on’ likes on comments because I noted that a lot of genuine bloggers had activated that option! I had a bunch of spam ‘likes’ a few days ago. Can’t recall what thet related to. I will cancel the ‘like comment’ button if I have further trouble.

    1. There were a lot of people liking every post in the Daily Post’s Community Pool recently too – I hope that didn’t hasten its demise.

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