29 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Safar Fiertze says:

    I’m never sure whether to comment on a Silent Sunday! I love silently being with my own plants. However, I think the photo deserves recognition. I love how you’ve not only captured the colour of these beautiful blooms, but also their texture. If I imagine myself touching those delicate petals, I can feel them.

    • susurrus says:

      Comments are always welcome. I liked the texture of the geraniums too – the slightly crumpled look as if they were silk ballgowns that had been packed away somewhere.

  2. Pat says:

    I awoke this morning to my first yellow evening primrose blooming. Last year I applied too much natural fertilizer made from sewage to keep deer away and the plants produced lots of green but very few flowers. I was very excited to see my old friends returned.

    • susurrus says:

      The bud (and warm background blur) is Rosa mutabilis. This little vignette was the highlight of the garden we were visiting, for me.

    • susurrus says:

      Both were individually unassuming plants but together they are bold and bright. Even the yellowing leaves seem to translate to gold highlights.

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