Bye, Weekly Photo Challenge!

The last ever weekly photo challenge is titled ‘All Time Favourites’ – give or take ‘u’. It’s hard to mark the passing of this much loved event appropriately.  I’m starting off by sharing a few  favourite shots I’ve been saving until the right prompt came around. I’m pretty sure these would never have seen the light of day now the challenge is ending so, while there’s still time, here goes!

Utility box with painting of tree and street scene

Jane Brewster’s street art shows part of the New Orleans street it is on, if my memory is correct. I like the way life plays with art and the dark shadows echo the dark trunk of the painted tree in this image. It provokes lots of ideas, for example, my eye plays with the angles of the shadows and the perspective in the painting. It’s funny how life seems to be framing the painting and how life seems more abstract than art. In retrospect I could have used it for ‘Reflections’, although it would have been a fairly subtle connection. 

Vintage style neon art in studio: caravan and legs

Todd Saunder’s studio in Austin, Texas, ought to have been perfect for several challenges, ‘Retro’ or ‘Neon’ or ‘Light’, so I am surprised it’s one of the left overs. I have shared a few other shots taken there.

Window display showing five colours of iMacs

I remember seeing this in the window of an Apple store, taking the picture and gleefully filing it away in my mind under ‘Weekly Photo Challenge Possibilities’.


My most popular post (the most viewed, so you could say my readers’ all time favourite) is this one about the Hampton Court Flower Show garden:

Wellbeing of Women garden water feature

My own favourite weekly photo challenge post has been this one, about Chihuly’s Garden and Glass in Seattle:

Chihuly Garden And Glass In Seattle

Regular readers might be expecting yet another favourite rose shot. This one of Rosa ‘Golden Celebration’ is nice, but my favourite of all has still to be taken! I’ll keep trying.

Yellow rose makes a splash of colour in the darkness

Bye, Weekly Photo Challenge! Thanks for the memories!

35 Replies to “Bye, Weekly Photo Challenge!”

  1. I’m so glad these photos have seen the light of day here. Less glad that the challenge’s days are over. We’ll have to challenge ourselves, I guess!

    1. I’ll admit to being taken aback by the news – I valued the challenge for more reasons than I care to list. You did them too, so you understand.

  2. It feels like a loss to me, fellow bloggers interpreting the WPC in so many ways and exchanging ideas.

    1. You’re right, that was a big part of the fun. I tried always to post my own response before checking out other people’s responses so I wouldn’t be tempted to copy a good idea, but I always enjoyed clicking through afterwards to see how other bloggers had handled the prompt.

  3. Wonderful shots, and even though the challenge is over, I hope you will continue to share your beautiful photos.

    1. Thanks, Cee. I can see a good bit of the fallout from this falling on your shoulders. I have suggested they do a weekly challenge style click through page of community challenges on Discover so people can find them more easily. The old list included so many that were out of date.

  4. I love the old iMacs. They look edible! I’m glad you took this opportunity to share these photographs. I look forward to seeing more of your photographs.

    1. Glad you liked those. I loved the way the challenge made me change tack and write about something I hadn’t planned to think about, let alone write about.

      1. That’s very true. It also made me a slower photographer as I would study something often with the thought ‘that would be good for the WP challenge’

  5. My favorite, for some odd reason, is the Apple store window! I too took pictures with a future photo challenge in mind. I’m sad for this to end. Ellen (a blogging friend) gave me a list of photo challenges that I might use going forward. I’ll see. I loved being challenged, even if I didn’t participate every week, and will miss it.

    1. I’m glad you like that one. The reflections, light and colours all help, plus the way they seem to float. I didn’t do the challenge every week, but I’ll miss it too for the fun and the lovely, creative people who used to run it and take part in it.

  6. They are all great photos Susan! I wouldn’t have known to visit Chihuly Glass if it weren’t for your post. So thanks so much for that!

    1. I’m glad to have been able to spread the word! I’ve lost count how many gardens I’ve either visited or put on my to-visit list after seeing another bloggers’ pictures of it.

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