California Style: Vespa, Helmet and Dog

Cute dog on a Vespa scooter waiting for its owner

Now if I was cool, you’d think this was my aquamarine Vespa, flowery black helmet and dog. As it is, y’all know I’m not and it isn’t.

But we can all dream, can’t we? 

This little cutie doesn’t look to be the fiercest of guard dogs. My picture is quite a few years old, but if the owner happens to see it, I hope it brings back happy memories. It’s a small world!

Shared as part of Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge.

33 thoughts on “California Style: Vespa, Helmet and Dog

  1. Oddment says:

    Vespas and helmets I know from nothing, and a dog person I’m not, but I love this photo. And who says you’re not cool? Anyone who can reel off plant names as you do is WAY cool!

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