I’d rather be…

Shadow of a man against a colourful mural

I didn’t intend to take part in this week’s photo challenge (I’d rather be…). As I spend some time each year away from loved ones, I make a rule not to wish I was anywhere else other than where I am. It’s a confidence trick I play on myself, a bit like when I was a youngster and used to set the bedside alarm clock a few minutes earlier than it was to try to persuade myself I needed to get up as soon as the alarm went off. It didn’t always work then, and it doesn’t now. 

Tonight, Mother and I were supposed to be going to my sister’s for one of her excellent curries, but it’s been snowed off as a precaution against the mini beast from the East. Meanwhile, my sweetheart, shown here in silhouette against the mural, is enjoying St. Patrick’s Day, Mississippi-style. He has his own WordPress blog now, so you can click here to take a peep at what I’m missing out on.

Now, if only my sister had a blog with a picture of her curry on, you could see what else I’m missing!

Wishing you a happy St. Patrick’s Day, wherever you happen to be!

10 thoughts on “I’d rather be…

  1. dawnkinster says:

    That’s a pretty cool image, the mural and the shadow! I went over to the other blog and was blown away by the size of the parade they have in Jackson MS, and of course by the very cool truck garden!

    • susurrus says:

      Thank you, Dawn! It’s a cheerful shot, isn’t it? The shadow of my phone has crept into the far right, but luckily it’s camouflaged. 🙂

  2. Oddment says:

    If this isn’t an argument for bilocation, I don’t know what is. Really. There are times in life we do need to be in two places at once. Thanks for the link to the St. Paddy’s Day truck — what an extraordinary salute to green! The parade is proof positive of the good ideas that are born in pubs.

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