Hellebore Macros

Hellebore macro

Hellebores are intriguing plants because they hybridise so readily, giving rise to many different forms. If your knees can stand it, it’s worth bending down and lifting the flower to see what’s inside as the backs of the petals often give little clue of what’s inside.

While the inner petals can be clear, they’re often streaked, spotted, splashed or neatly edged with a contrasting colour. Some forms have enlarged nectaries or double rows of petals.

Nodding double hellebore

Helleborus x hybridus Ashwood Garden Hybrid

Double flowered hellebores

As regular readers may remember, I’m especially attracted to the doubles.

For more pictures of hellebores, click here.

40 Replies to “Hellebore Macros”

    1. They make some amends for the fact that my favourite one has all but disappeared. I went to Ness Botanic Garden to check up on it and there is just a very small patch of what could possibly be it in bud. I would not be at all surprised if it has been begged, borrowed or stolen by someone, because it was stunning.

  1. What beautiful photos! I’m particularly drawn to that second bloom, with the creamy demure look — those petals downturned are charmers.

    1. It’s not doing too well, so I’m glad I took this last year. I am hopeful I’ll get the odd flower, but it has been devoured by slugs while my back was turned.

      1. Darned things! I have them in spades here. We live tucked in the woods. A perfect environment for slugs and snails.

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