Hellebore Macros

Hellebore macro

Hellebores are intriguing plants because they hybridise so readily, giving rise to many different forms. If your knees can stand it, it’s worth bending down and lifting the flower to see what’s inside as the backs of the petals often give little clue of what’s inside.

While the inner petals can be clear, they’re often streaked, spotted, splashed or neatly edged with a contrasting colour. Some forms have enlarged nectaries or double rows of petals.

Nodding double hellebore

Helleborus x hybridus Ashwood Garden Hybrid

Double flowered hellebores

As regular readers may remember, I’m especially attracted to the doubles.

For more pictures of hellebores, click here.

40 Replies to “Hellebore Macros”

    1. It’s amazing the range of flower shapes, patterns and colours we have to choose from. The Harrington doubles look very alluring, but I have no idea where I can see them growing near me (NW England).

  1. These variations are amazing. I love seeing them side-by-side for comparison. My Hellebores are also blooming. They are not anything special like these, but I am happy to see them.

    1. Only the third one is mine – the others are ones that caught my eye on my travels. But as I’ve said before, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hellebore flower I don’t like.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I love the details. I was going to say the white one is my favourite until I saw the rest. Now all of them are.

    1. That’s a difficult question. I like them all, but the one that intrigued me most when I saw it was the bottom one, so I would have to choose that. I have been back to see it but have never found it even though I know almost exactly where it was.

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