An Extra Helping Of Sweetness

Apples hanging from the tree

The top two pictures were taken in the orchard at Hidcote Gardens. I’m offering several takes on sweetness to justify my extra helpings claim, starting with the child you can just make out running with so much vim on the left of the apple picture, and the pear below. Sorry, merely looking at these doesn’t equate to two of your five portions a day… 

Hanging fruit

…although munching your way through one of these heaped berry packs at lunchtime would set you in good stead.

Heaped packs of berries with forks

[Aside: While we’re thinking of red fruits and Hidcote, here’s a link to my earlier post about Hidcote’s famous red border.]

Back to sweetness. For those who don’t like fruit (don’t like fruit!?) I ought perhaps to have offered one of these (ignore any with fruit on ’em)…

Rows of small cakes

…but it’d have been expensive, decadent even; would only have lasted a minute; would’ve been a risk to your pearly whites… need I go on? Best glimpsed through a window, don’t you think?

If you’re craving more sweetness, check out the other interpretations of sweet on the Daily Post.

49 Replies to “An Extra Helping Of Sweetness”

  1. Don’t like fruit? What a thought! A day without fruit just doesn’t feel right. Thanks for posting those lovely photos of sweetness.

    1. My sister says she doesn’t like fruit and my mother says she hasn’t got a sweet tooth. I have seen them both eating cherry pie many times with apparent relish, but perhaps it is just done for my sake.

  2. Those berries! They made my mouth water. Especially those red strawberries. I cannot imagine not having red in a garden in small sexy doses. So exciting, and the bold and sensuous beauty of that color . . . ! Personally, I think to banish it from a garden would be the equivalent of banishing sex. (Hmmm . . . maybe that explains the heated protests from the aristocrat?)

  3. Oh, my. Here you go again, making me choose. I’ll skip the pear (just don’t like pears at all except, funnily enough, tinned ones!), enjoy the berry punnet and (sorry) will just have to have one of ALL those sweet delights. One a day perhaps?

    1. One a day would be a real treat – or perhaps someone could make one bite versions and invite us to an all you can eat very tiny cake party…

  4. I got more hungrier with each picture as I scrolled downward…and what a “finish.” Those cakes look too good to eat…but I would anyway.

  5. All the fruit looks beautiful and the photo of the apples with those beads of water on them makes me long for rain. I do anyway, we haven’t seen any for a month. And while on a trip to France, we made sure we had a cake every day! Not something I would do at home.

    1. That’s the joy of being on holiday – the normal rules don’t apply. If we could really modify our environment, the sunshine and rainfall would be more evenly shared out!

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