Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered

Antique wagon with faded paint
Painted blue wagon with red trim outside a weathered building at the Mississippi Ag Museum
Colourful horse head hitching post
Painted horse head hitching post in New Orleans

Weathered advert
Beautiful distressed yellows, greys and reds on a faded advert on a garage wall
Large cut out bird
An oversized metal chicken, dressed to impress, with a hat, bow tie and umbrella(?)

I like colour and patterns, so weathered things fascinate me. These pictures were all taken in the American South, from top to bottom: Jackson, Mississippi; New Orleans, Louisiana; a hamlet in the Arkansas Delta; Austin, Texas.

40 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered”

  1. Great finds – I love the painted horse head hitching post and painted blue wagon. Interesting that TONY TOMEO commented that the hitching post was from a foundry in Alviso. My submission for the WPC challenge this week was about an abandoned cannery in Alviso. Small world.

  2. My dad told me once that our ancestors were horse thieves, so I guess I have a sort of ancestral connection to that hitching post too. But the wagon at the top is what speaks to me; it looks like the beat-up but magical wagon that was in an empty lot near my home when I was little. I wasn’t supposed to climb on it, but of course the descendant of horse thieves couldn’t be trusted when no one was looking. “Weathered” is a lovely word for something with a story, yes?

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