Weekly Photo Challenge: A Bargain

Waitrose shelf label for pies

Regular readers may remember that I’m English. I spell aluminium all wrong the British way. We don’t get turkey in November over here, or the other traditional comfort foods of the American season that I’ve grown to love, like sweet potato casserole.

No, no, it’s OK. Don’t feel you have to sympathise. We’re British. We’re used to our food being rubbish and our beer hot.

I suppose you might say this ‘tender and succulent’ chicken pie is the British version of a Thanksgiving turkey and Waitrose’s save 50p offer the British equivalent of Black Friday.  Continue reading

Lost in Translation: What’s Your Ideal of Beauty?

Strange advert for face cream

I’ve had this picture of a real advert for about a year now and haven’t known whether I should share it. It’s the kind of humour we British are genetically programmed to love, bless our hearts. Most of the original copies will have been recycled by now but because I can’t help looking at adverts from a return on investment perspective, and I carry my camera to record treats or  surprises, it’s preserved here.  Continue reading