A Carpet of Leaves And A Much-Loved Dress

Leaves carpeting a woodland floor
Leaves carpeting a woodland floor: ivy, geranium and hellebore

I couldn’t help noticing this pretty mix of leaves – their colours and textures seem more like a design than purely accidental. The feathery leaves are Herb Roberts (Geranium robertianum), looking their best in autumnal colours; the glossy leaves are some form of hellebore and the veined ones, ivy. Spent pollen stalks have added their forms to the mix. 

Now, if only I could find a dress with this pattern on it – floral patterns seem to be in this season, so perhaps I have a chance. The leafy pattern reminds me of my favourite dress, shown here with a faded rose in my lap. If you’ve met me in real life, there’s a good chance I was wearing this!

Floral fabric with faded rose
Cabbages and Roses floral dress with a half-dried rose that seemed to complement its spirit and colours. It’s hard to distinguish the twisting leaves from the fabric.

I don’t think I am typical in my willingness to wear the same dress over and over if I really like it. There’s quite a lot of pressure on us to ring the changes, not just from society, or the fashion industry, but from ourselves. But I still love wearing this dress just as much as on the day I bought it. It makes me feel happy, and what can be better than that?

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  1. Hear, hear! Wear it out! In rural Maine, this is standard practice. Too bad it isn’t the same in other places.

  2. You have a wonderful eye for color and shapes! By the way, Herb Robert is an invasive here in the Pacific Northwest. It’s known as Stinky Bob!

  3. Totally agree! People would probably think I only have about three outfits because I wear the ones I really like over and over. (Year round. I just vary the number of layers.) That reminds me – I need to do a wardrobe clear out of all the things I never wear……

  4. If I have a particular outfit I like, I often wear it on consecutive days if I am going different places, but not if I going to the same place. I force myself to wear something different if I stay at home, simply because I know too many old people who will wear the same thing day in and day out. I think sometimes because it is easy to just lay it down at night and put it on the next day. Sometimes they do not even recognize that it gets dirty. Trying to avoid that. 😀

  5. And allow me to add my mourning for two of my favorites whose fabric has worn out. The discreetly-draped sweater isn’t enough any more, alas. But happy clothes are meant to be worn. Out. I do hope you find the dress that captures that woodland floor!

    1. Mourning is the word and you have my sympathy. A cropped, silk lined cardigan is another irreplaceable treasure and I am suspicious it’s wearing thin. Or rather I know it is, I just find it hard to say so.

      1. A cropped, silk lined cardigan! Yes, that is definitely one of those things that ought not be allowed to wear out ever. How sad.

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