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    1. Thanks Margaret. My favourite is the third one of the distressed plaster wall – I don’t know how a wall gets to be that colourful, but I love it.

  1. Me too for 1 and 3. They both make me want to reach out and touch them (perfect for the theme) and have an almost painting-like effect too. 🙂

    1. I took a series of pictures of the studio wall. I’d secretly love my living room walls to be like that, provided it didn’t mean my house was about to fall down!

      1. Wouldn’t it be great. I fantasize about buying an old building (probably commercial, with brick walls) and stripping it back just enough to expose the different layers of paint and plaster. 🙂

  2. Though I am taken by them all, I vote for the lichen splats on the number. But then there’s that face, vaguely reminiscent of the Snoopwiggy (or was it the Wiggysnoop?) in the old Raggedy Ann stories — can’t deny that charm.

    1. At first I wasn’t sure what face you meant, as I can see one in the plaster effect… checking online, I think you mean the face on the wooden post on the beach. That’s the picture that feels the most textural to me – I only have to look at a sandy beach to feel like I’ve got sand in my shoes, between my toes.

      1. Yes. Sorry to be unclear! I did mean the face on the post. Isn’t it amazing how the brain responds to the image of texture? I can believe that you look at an image of sand and then feel that you have to shake the sand out of your shoes.

  3. Beautiful, all of them. If pressed though I would have to say the fourth is my favorite, the lighting and bit of clear sky with rust everywhere is perfectly balanced!

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