Impressions: Cutting Garden At Arley Hall And Gardens

Cleome with annuals

If I was using a macro lens rather than an iPhone, I’d be able to isolate the spidery flowers of cleome against a nicely diffused, neutral background. As it is, I’ve learned to appreciate the impressionistic quality the iPhone can give. It’s nice that our eyes can drift along the flower border and make out some of the annuals: pink and red cosmos and blue cornflowers (Centaura cyanus). And I’m often impressed how well the iPhone captures colours, especially the blues, which my old camera struggled with. 

In June, this flower border in the kitchen garden at Arley Hall is usually dominated by the peonies, so a month or so later, I was expecting it to be a little flat. How wrong I was!

Arley Hall in July

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  1. A lovely flower border and gorgeous colours 🙂

    I’ve been to Arley Hall a couple of times for the Dogfest events but never actually been to the hall itself or gardens, in fact I don’t even know where they are in relation to the part of the grounds where the event is held 😦

    1. I saw all the dogs on their way to and from the car park one year but am not sure where the event is held so couldn’t say. If you make your way towards the hall, you’ll find the gardens easily enough. It really is lovely there at this time of year when the big double herbaceous borders are in bloom.

    1. I would enjoy the chance to try out several of the main camera systems in a garden, but it’s hard to beat an iPhone for all round needs – and for sheer convenience.

  2. Oh my, how beautiful. I am finding that this year I am focusing on the “landscape of wildflowers” as much on the macro of individual flowers. Fun to experience how I change because of different interest, wanting to try new things, or the constraints of equipment. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful gardens you have available. I’m loving your posts.

  3. Loved the photos of the Cutting Garden, but I want more! I read somewhere that Arley Hall has many beautiful Old Roses. Did you see many? Maybe, they were blooming earlier in the season? Looking forward to more of your gorgeous photos! Such a visual treat! Thank you x

    1. There is a nice collection of once flowering old roses and shrub roses at Arley and they are grown in mixed borders, with companions such as geraniums and foxgloves, which makes them even nicer. You’re right – they are earlier. I usually suggest late June to the first week of July as a guide for roses, although seasons can vary year to year so the garden team could advise better. At this time of the year the long double borders look lovely. I always like to hear visitors gasping with amazement when they get their first look at them.

  4. What a splendid beginning to my day! I love the “hooray” in the up-flung cleome, and that kitchen garden is a wonder. Thank you!

    1. It’s nice that there is structure in there too, not just annuals – the topiary and the more architectural plants make a big contribution.

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