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    1. They were being thoroughly explored by bees – but then this was taken at a bee-friendly garden (Trentham Gardens). I think I can just make out a couple of furry backsides in the spire to the right.

    1. It looks as if these might flower for a long time. It’s interesting to see seeds forming at the bottom of the spires and the youngest flower buds just starting to open at the tops.

    1. They are a perennial foxglove 🙂 They are available here in the UK. I did a quick search for US seeds and found them listed by Monticello. I don’t know of the company, but their website says the seeds were offered for sale in the US as early as 1810! You’ll probably find several suppliers.

      1. thank you, Susurrus. I will check into it. we have the wild variety growing throughout our property offering a huge food supply to the wild bees. Their season has peaked and the blossoms have dropped off their stems now

    1. Trentham has commissioned a series of wire fairies and ‘hidden’ them around the lake-side paths. But perhaps you already knew that?

      1. No! But I do know. How fascinating. I share a secret. I see them. I have a friend who taught me how to see them. She calls them elements and they show up on camera for her!

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