Glorious Excess: A Plant Gallimaufry

Dense planting

Have you ever seen such a bold mixture of plants as in this living flower sampler? I love their rich jewel colours and contrasting textures.

Shared for the weekly photo challenge: Dense. This shot is a bit impressionistic, but I hope it meets the brief.

39 Replies to “Glorious Excess: A Plant Gallimaufry”

    1. The idea was to beautify a wheelie bin area as part of the Community Street Garden. The bins themselves were covered by a structure with a green roof. I’d love to see it in my community, that’s for sure!

  1. Gallimaufry! What a glorious word! It’s one of those charmers whose sound suits its meaning, and that is pure euphoria for an English major. It’s a whole new word for me, and I thank you for it. The fireworks in the photo are exactly what I needed this morning — caffeine for the eye. More thanks!

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