In The Shadows

I like the way the colours harmonise these contrasting images, while the shadows add complexity and atmosphere. The first image needs a little explanation: it shows a ballgown displayed on a headless mannequin, as part of a store display. We’re peering in through the window.

The object in the foreground is a small tree, complete with rootball, sprayed white, hung from the roof and decorated with a galaxy of trailing stars. I hope the tree was already dead as there’s no way back from this!  The decorative floor pattern seems to work perfectly with the mix of spotlights, dark shadows and an ethereal mesh of lowlights created by the tree installation. The red lampshades draw our attention to the dress.

The second shows a dilapidated but picturesque boathouse with cypress trees and shadowy reflections. I’m fascinated by trees that can grow in water, especially these with broad, ridged bases that widen as they age.

Finally, another neon sign with decorative shadows, taken just as dusk is falling. This one missed the cut for my recent neon signs post, but sneaks in here.

Shared for the weekly photo challenge: shadow.

20 thoughts on “In The Shadows

  1. Oddment says:

    I’ve always loved the sepia tones of certain old photos, and this triptych seems to have a very subtle wash of that. The balance of the red tones on either end and the bell-shaped trees in the middle keep my eye busy. I must say I am partial to the two splashes of white in that left panel – a nice contrast to those shadows. Thanks!


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