In Praise of Roselilies

Pink roselily

Regular readers know I’m a sucker for double flowers, so won’t be surprised to hear that I’ve fallen in love with a relatively new type of flower – the roselily. Named for their similarity to multi-petalled roses, these pollen-free Oriental lilies are available in shades of pink and white. 

Roselilies are selected to have at least 18 petals, arranged in tiers, giving them an opulent, romantic allure. They are sweetly scented.

Pale pink roselilies

The breeder claims that their ruffled blooms will last a few days longer in the vase than the single forms. While they’re not as widely available as the singles, you’ll find them being sold as bulbs and as luxury cut flowers.

If you’re as smitten as I am, you can find roselily facts, care advice and a time lapse video on the Proflowers Blog and more pictures on

25 thoughts on “In Praise of Roselilies

    • susurrus says:

      Now I’m looking out for them I see them often at the shows. It makes me wonder how I’ve missed them in the past – perhaps I briefly marvelled at them and passed on. It could be that learning the name roselily has resonated with me.

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