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  1. I was going to ask where this extraordinary building is, but I see from the tags I must have seen the real thing. That’s a pretty blue sky for Lancashire!

    1. It looks completely different from the other side – like a Cape Canaveral rocket launcher from the stone age, complete with space ship and a staircase of steps leading up to it.

    1. It was part of an estate with extensive hillside garden built by a wealthy industrialist on Lancashire moorland. The nearby mansion (the cottage) burnt down a few years after Pigeon Tower was built. Edith Rigby, a suffragette and early member of the Independent Labour Party claimed responsibility but was never prosecuted, according to the Bolton News. The replacement mansion (the bungalow) was commissioned during the war and the estate had fallen into disrepair by the time the war ended.

    1. This is pretty much the opposite, towering over an extensive, overgrown hillside garden, with ruined follies, arches and water features including an artificial ravine. The National Lottery have recently awarded it a grant to help make the many paths and steps safer for ramblers and mountain bikers who visit it. You’ll be glad to hear the garden will remain wild – it would be too expensive to tame it.

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