Keepsake Box with Bead Blessings

Peace, contentment, prosperity, tranquility written in beads

The weekly challenge asks us to share something tiny. If you’re viewing this on a phone, you won’t make out the messages on this keepsake box – blessings, exhortations and affirmations – so I’m writing them out for you:

Peace · Joy · Lucky · Contentment · Devotion · Prosperity · Happy · Laugh · Tranquility · Fun

Picked out in beads on a keepsake box at the Attic Gallery, Vicksburg, MS

Every city should have an Attic Gallery – it’s our communal loss that so many of them don’t. You can travel for miles before you’ll find anything that truly compares. This long established, family owned gallery specialises in southern contemporary art and fine crafts. Their reputation and instinct for seeking out regional talent has helped them gather a definitive collection of work. 

Even if you don’t like to decorate your own walls, shelves and surfaces with unique decorative pieces, it’s the perfect place to look for gifts for friends and relatives who do.

All are warmly welcomed to this space where outsider art is definitely in. If you get the opportunity to visit, you’ll wind your way up an art-filled staircase and into a packed gallery above to explore the art, crafts, contemporary design on display. You’ll find the pure, the pointed and the whimsical at a good range of prices.

Expect to see artists and other creatives browsing for treasure or just hanging out in an oasis of colour and inspiration.

Contact information

The Attic Gallery
1101 Washington Street
Vicksburg, MS 39183
601 638 9221

18 Replies to “Keepsake Box with Bead Blessings”

    1. The words made me remember one of the traditional Irish blessings:

      ‘May the sun shine warm on your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields…’

    1. You’re right. It’s the kind of place where you can’t possibly take everything in – you leave making a mental note to come back soon and explore for longer.

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