34 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday: Hydrangea Heart”

    1. The heart shaped flower was in a hydrangea border at Stourhead House. We hadn’t planned to go, but the avid map reader noticed it was only a few miles diversion from our route and neither of us had been before.

      It was an added bonus the flower was pink – I boosted the colour a bit on the top version.

    1. You’re right. I have a habit of noticing natural hearts (I look for four leaved clovers too) but this one came as a surprise.

        1. I don’t have much success getting my plant to flower and never think of buying hydrangeas to dry them, but I should. Good quality dried flowers seem much harder to find these days.

      1. Have you ever been to Butchart Gardens is Victoria, B.C.? The hydrangeas there are as big around as your head. Never seen anything like them.

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