Chihuly’s Persian Ceiling | Look Up!

Chihuly Persian Ceiling With Reflections

Reflections streaking down the walls entice visitors entering Chihuly’s Garden And Glass Museum in Seattle to look up. 

There is a sense of theatre – a disruption and human clustering – as each visitor lingers, their eyes irresistibly drawn up, necks and bodies circling to take in a carnival of colours that seem to be floating overhead; open, organic forms inspired by sea creatures, though none we know of, with bright, rainbow colours, ripples, ridges and stripes.

Chihuly Persian Ceiling

‘In creating the Persian Ceiling I was trying to create something that people had never seen before: so you walk under there and you look up and, all of a sudden, you have to start figuring out what you’re looking at – and what is it? – and how does it make you feel?’

Dale Chihuly

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    1. I’ve heard that coloured glass is sometimes used to stimulate the pineal gland in winter – I can imagine it going into overdrive faced with this.

    1. There’s a gaiety and a tension too. Some of these pieces look deceptively simple, so it was interesting to hear one of the artists talking about the challenge of working with glass heated so intensely that it wants to spin out and destroy itself.

  1. I really like the POV, composition and colors in your second photo.

    1. It did feel a little like it might tumble down, at first glance, though it’s held securely in place with panes of glass and girders.

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