Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Peonies

Pale Pink Peony

Coral Peony

I’m sharing these peonies for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. Please join in the fun if you can.

This week she’s looking for pictures of single flowers or buds.

Pink Double Peony

Double blooms are fine: the idea is to highlight the character of each individual bloom.

White double peony

I immediately thought of peonies as their flowers are some of the most alluring of all to me. I keep hoping to get the chance to visit a peony farm; until then, here’s an assortment from my travels.


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  1. Oh my. I have a longstanding case of peony envy and these are NOT helping! Herbaceous peonies are harder to grow here than further North. I have one tiny tree peony that doesn’t bloom yet but my fingers are crossed!

    1. The peachy one is my favourite too. I saw it in the Great Pavilion at the Chelsea Flower Show, but didn’t get the name. They are all supposed to be labelled in there, so that was a missed opportunity.

    1. The fifth one is looking a bit sorry for itself, with its face turned down to the mud. I was not sure about sharing that one, and could perhaps have framed it differently but something about the beauty of the flower appealed to me, despite the poor situation. Plants are great survivors.

      1. I’ve started to notice over the past few years of doing the flower a day prompt that the most interesting shot is not always the most perfect one…Every stage of plants has a beauty of its own. even the decay.

    1. I would never have expected to enjoy the challenges before I started blogging, but I do find them fun. I like seeing all the different takes on a single subject. The hosts are typically very flexible – Cee is a real sweetheart. But I love the fact that your blog has its own style and momentum.

    1. It’s interesting how flowers and their scents can trigger memories. I can’t remember seeing peonies as a child, even though my parents were interested in gardening and I have always loved flowers.

  2. Great stuff on your blog! I particularly love this photo challenge that you’ve shared – there is so much beauty in each and every individual flower and I love capturing it on camera 🙂

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