Identity: Carnival Cutouts

Afflecks Carnival Cutout

This week’s Discover Challenge: Identity reminded me of this life sized carnival cutout from Afflecks in Manchester. We put out face in the hole and become someone else for a few seconds while our picture is taken.

Not having a human subject, I walked around until the fox (or wolf) on the wall behind it was lined up in an approximation of the right place. It was an instinctive reaction – I’m sure I’m not the only person who has taken this shot.

If I was in the mood to try to pin things down, I’d attempt to explain why this picture tickles my fancy. But the bottom line about identity is we all have a unique one, so we react in slightly different ways to any work of art, especially a layered one like this.

And the trick is to take pleasure in finding our own responses… not worrying too much about what others think; not always needing to explain.


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    1. Afflecks is a thriving collection of independent boutiques – it describes itself as an emporium of eclecticism and that’s pretty accurate.

  1. I always associate wolves with packs and family, but also a little with mischief because of their cousins the coyotes. That particular wolf looks mischievous to me!

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