White Cottage Garden Plants for a Moon Garden

White alstromeria
White alstromeria with prominent bee lines

I prefer to use white flowers as an accent colour, but I know that many people love all white gardens (sometimes called moon gardens because of the way the flowers reflect the light). Here are some of my favourites – I hope you like some of them too. If I’ve mentioned where I photographed them, the gardens are well worth a visit. 

White delphinium
White delphiniums at Wollerton Old Hall
White iris
White Iris ensata
White rambling rose
White rambling rose

Posting this picture reminds me I didn’t share the pictures of white roses I took last year – I must make a note to do that!

White campanula
White campanula at Trentham Gardens
White peony
This white peony seems to be floating mid air
White pelargonium
White pelargonium with a splash of pink

Although this is a post on white flowers, I haven’t felt the need to be a purist – after all, what’s a little pink (or cream, or yellow) between friends?

Roscoea cautleyoides
Roscoea cautleyoides
White trillium
White trillium – a demure woodlander
White alliums
White alliums at Harlow Carr Gardens
White petunia
White petunia adds annual colour
White magnolia stellata
White magnolia stellata in full flower
Anemone nemorosa 'Vestal'
Anemone nemorosa ‘Vestal’
Tanacetum parthenium (feverfew)
Tanacetum parthenium (feverfew)

Today’s post is inspired by Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: White Flowers – why not join in? If I’ve missed one of your favourites, let me know – I may have a picture somewhere!

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48 Replies to “White Cottage Garden Plants for a Moon Garden”

  1. This has cheered me upon a particularly uninspiring day (as far as the weather goes). If it hadn’t gone dark already I could have nipped out and taken a shot of the just-appearing snowdrops.

  2. Thank you! Its a cold rainy day in the Mojave Desert today… I appreciate your images.

  3. They are beautiful. I don’t usually plant white flowers, but opt for color. I have seen photos of moon gardens, and they are de’light’ful.

    1. Like the pun! I love white pelargoniums in theory – I always think they’re the perfect plants for a sunny windowsill and they give such a classic look, but it’s hard to find a pure white one that doesn’t fade to a dodgy shade of brown. I always start off looking for one as summer comes around, then end up buying pink or something like that.

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