Pink roses with white daisies

Roses and daisies

Dusk was falling when I saw these sweet little roses tumbling amongst some kind of daisies. I wouldn’t have imagined they would make good plant companions, but I thought they looked a pretty pair – the ornate, fully double blooms seemed to contrast well with the simple candour of the daisies. 

Pink roses with white daisies

11 Replies to “Pink roses with white daisies”

        1. It’s a different one:
          So fair, so sweet, withal so sensitive,
          Would that the little Flowers were born to live,
          Conscious of half the pleasure which they give…

          1. Oh, sweet indeed. I also loved the daffodils which we had in our school syllabus.

            Thank you, Susan 🙂
            Have a great week ahead.
            Anand 🙂

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