Gallery of English Roses: yellows

Golden Celebration roses

Autumn is drawing near and the colder weather has prompted me to think about sharing this season’s rose pictures before it becomes next season! My cover shot rose is ‘Golden Celebration’. I also took an upwards facing flower, but somehow prefer this one with its heavy blooms cascading downwards. 

Rosa Molineux (cluster)

The rose in the picture above, and two that follow, is Rosa ‘Molineux’. I’ve stalked it for several years, but this is the first time I’ve got anywhere close to capturing the character and the colour. Often the first flush of flowers are paler and a purer yellow, but you’ll soon see these rich, orangey tones developing.

Molineux rose close up

Molineux roses

The next rose is a bit of a mystery. It’s got an old-world look to it, perhaps because of the light and shade.

Golden Celebration (I think)

Something tells me it’s Rosa ‘Golden Celebration’, though I wouldn’t have expected to see this variety growing against a pillar – even as sturdy a one as this. It does climb a little, especially in warmer climates, so I’m sticking with my guess. The shot’s quite atmospheric and I like the cluster effect but I wish I’d spent more time trying different angles.

Charlotte English Rose

I’ve used the same bloom of Rosa ‘Charlotte’ as the hero (or heroine) of the shots above and below. It’s interesting to see the effect of just moving position a few inches and altering the angle slightly to look down over the plant. The first option is perhaps more graceful, but the second shows more of the shrub.

English rose 'Charlotte'

The last one I’m sharing today is Rosa ‘The Poet’s Wife’. I’ve only seen this newish variety a couple of times, so I always get excited when I spot it. It’s a fresh, lemony colour compared to some of the others. My excitement may help to explain the peculiar angle of this shot – I took it leaning over a white picket fence in the Hampton Court Festival of Roses Marquee on a swelteringly hot day.

English rose 'The Poet's Wife'

I suppose that one’s a ‘must try harder’ – perhaps next year!

I used to share my pictures on Flickr, but since I started blogging, this seems a better place. I hope you’ve enjoyed my ‘harvest’ of yellow rose pictures, but if you’re not keen on roses, I should perhaps apologise in advance – I’m planning to post galleries of apricots, whites and pinks over the next few days.

If you’re one of my American or Canadian visitors – happy Labor Day from over the pond! 

36 Replies to “Gallery of English Roses: yellows”

  1. I love them all ❤ ❤ ❤

    Still, the first and the last pictures seem to have most stunning beauty!

    You have a beautiful garden 🙂

    Happy Labour Day.
    Have a great week ahead.

    Anand 🙂

          1. Oh, then you are feeling even better I suppose. Success is counted sweetest….when it comes after hard work 🙂 Best Wishes 🙂

  2. Yellow, my favorite color. Roses, my favorite flower. Stunning photos. Thank you, for sharing. Hugs

  3. It’s hard to choose between them, they’re all beautiful. I would be delighted to grow these in my garden. Do you mind if I ask why you have gone off Flickr?

    1. Not at all! I still use Flickr now and again but I prefer the interaction of a blog and the feeling we’re all building something. It feels like my online home and I love being part of a community of creative people.

      Partly it’s because you find writers here, not just photographers, so you get more insight into what people are thinking about. It’s as if they share a piece of themselves not just the picture. I tried 500px as well, but that’s really fleeting.

  4. Such lovelies! I’m Canadian and we’re celebrating Labour Day also. I’m awaiting your apricots which will surely be a unique visual experience for me.

  5. Nice pics. Not a huge rose fan myself. I have a couple but they are a bit *meh*.

    If you used to post to Flickr when not post to both? You can still use your Flickr account to post on here. Just use a link.

  6. I love roses and I love yellow. So did my grandmother, she’d have enjoyed this post! Him Indoors hates yellow so thanks for giving me a fix. I think we must have been at Hampton Court on the same day (the Wednesday?) as I was doing the same as you and getting VERY hot!

        1. Me neither. I couldn’t decide whether it would be better to photograph flowers (in blinding sunshine) or all the parasols! We had some friends over from Mississippi and they point blank refused to venture in the marquee for more than a few minutes.

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