Enveloped in roses

Rosa Constance Spry

This week’s photo challenge is enveloped. Once happily established, a climbing rose will cover its support, then smother it with blooms. Rosarians explain that the trick is to match the potential size of the plant with the scale of the structure you want to clothe. Choose a rose that is too vigorous and you’ll have the heartbreak of cutting many healthy flowering stems away. Get it right and you’re in for a treat!

Rosa Teasing Georgia

Rosa Veilchenblau

Pink rambling rose

English Climbing roses

Red climbing rose

Phyllis Bide rambling rose

White rambling rose

I’m posting these pictures of climbing and rambling roses with a nod to my friends who I know will be putting the final touches to their rose display at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show later today – have fun and good luck!

I hope you enjoy the show if you’re lucky enough to be going this year.

16 thoughts on “Enveloped in roses

    • susurrus says:

      I can sense your excitement – if it rains, you can always shelter in the Grand Pavilion! I’ll be looking out for your pictures.

  1. whichwaynow101 says:

    Oooo! Chelsea! Have a wonderful time. Maybe I can fit it in next year.
    Good advice about the climbing roses. We were given two Wedding Day roses on our wedding day. We have since moved. They’ve probably pulled down the trellis they were on!

    • susurrus says:

      Do you know, I nearly warned against Wedding Day when I was posting! It’s a wonderful rose if you’ve got a spare 40ft (12m). Receiving two was a generous present in more ways than one! I’ll not be at Chelsea this year, sadly, though I’m planning to visit Hampton Court.

  2. vvaidehi says:

    The climbing roses are a treat for the eyes. We don’t get to see them in India except at certain places developed by the British as “hill stations”, mostly in the lower Himalayas and Nilgiris.

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