Weekly photo challenge: an intricate rock

Holey rock close up

This is a close up of a large, limestone boulder, pitted with a network of holes. It was part of a water and rock installation we saw in the family garden at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin Texas. I’m sharing it in response to the weekly photo challenge: intricate.

Holey rock in the children's garden

I fell in love at first sight with the beautiful colour and texture of this holey rock (sometimes called honeycomb rock). It’s like a giant’s version of a pumice stone. I can imagine it would makes a great insect hotel if it was hidden in some undergrowth.

Holey rock installation

Children often get bored in a large scale garden – no matter how gorgeous – well before the adults. It’s perhaps not surprising if they are inspired to run and play by what they see, rather than to stay on the path. It takes great vision and investment to incorporate a family play area in a garden, which makes them more rare than I think they should be if we want to jump start the youngest generation of gardeners. I’m always glad to find an imaginative one.

Holey rock

The Texas Wildflower Center’s family garden also includes massive birds’ nests, a stumpery, a grotto with waterfall and mosaic tiled mazes. I wouldn’t have minded playing around for longer myself but we had a tight schedule, so raced reluctantly off, hoping to make it back another day.

Useful links

Afterwards, I found lots to enjoy on their website too. Although the information is naturally geared towards North American gardeners, all lovers of wild flowers will find something to interest them, if only the pictures.

Check out the facilities for children in the Lady Bird Johnson Family Garden.

Browse through the special collections of native plants: for example if you’d like to help honey bees, you can learn about plants that will attract them.

If you’re wondering where my pictures are of the wild flowers themselves: watch this space – they’re coming soon!


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